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Yes, we have monthly rental and also annual. Prices in monthly and annual are different from daily as it deals at another price suitable for the customer.

Our prices vary from apartment  to apartment features + number of bedrooms + apartment location.

The locked room is specific to the company where it’s a warehouse for cleaning tools.

Yes, you can if there is no reservation in the same place and there is no possibility.

Smoking is generally allowed for outside sessions or balconies only but when smoking you inside the place you will be responsible for any fire or damage to the place.

No prices are variable by time.

You can request a reservation by one of the following means to explain the date of entry and departure in Greece, the number of persons, and the number of rooms.
– Quick contact with customer service on a number via WhatsApp:

– Or you can enter on : Airbnb , Gathern , Booking
– Search for Riyadh Luxury and choose the apartment that suits you  via our website or whatsapp.

Yes, clean, tidy and everything you need from comfort and tranquillity is available.

The latest UHD 4k TV already exists to listen better to your content and Netflix services are also available for free.

The place is strategically located close to Fitness Club and there are Starbucks Coffee and several restaurants on the same street.

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