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By accessing and using the Riyadhluxury website, you agree to unconditionally accept all the provisions, terms and conditions set forth in this agreement without modification, restriction, or reservation. You acknowledge and warrant your legal right to enter into this agreement and use the website in accordance with all the terms and conditions stated herein. ear valued customer, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that prices may vary according to holidays and seasons.

Modification of Terms

RiyadhLuxury website strives to provide accurate information on the website as much as possible. However, some errors may occur from time to time. RiyadhLuxury and any of our partners do not take responsibility for any errors in the information contained on the website. 

The RiyadhLuxury website contains information about the services and products provided by RiyadhLuxury and any other third party. The information and other materials on the RiyadhLuxury website are provided in good faith. By using the RiyadhLuxury website, you agree and acknowledge that the website may make any updates, changes or modifications to the terms and conditions or customer service policy, or any information provided, at any time without prior notice. The terms and conditions become effective upon publication on the RiyadhLuxury website and will have no retroactive effect on any previously made reservations through it. You must read these terms and conditions every time you visit the RiyadhLuxury website to ensure that you are aware of all the previous terms and conditions. Accordingly, continuing to use the RiyadhLuxury website constitutes your consent to any changes to the terms and conditions.

Reservation Terms

When you make a reservation through the RiyadhLuxury website, you fully commit to and agree to all the booking conditions imposed by the accommodation provider, including cancellation and no-show policies, and any other conditions imposed on you during your stay or booking, including available services and/or products offered by the accommodation provider (additional terms and conditions specific to the designated accommodation provider may be available). 

Late Arrival or No-Show:

  • Guests can cancel up to 24 hours before check-in time to receive a full refund, and in this case, no deduction will be made from the customer.
  • If the customer cancels after that, a deduction will be made for each night they have stayed.

Changes or Cancellations:

The cancellation policy varies between accommodations. All bookings are changeable or cancellable, and a full refund of the booking amount is available if cancelled 24 hours prior to check-in. Please note that certain bookings with specific rates or special offers may not be eligible for changes or cancellations.

Additionally, Riyadh Luxury accommodations impose additional charges for late check-outs. The reservation change or cancellation policy specific to each accommodation is available on the website’s accommodation information page or under “Booking Terms,” “Cancellation Policy,” or similar headings, as well as in the electronic booking confirmation and receipt. We recommend reviewing and familiarizing yourself with the cancellation and no-show policy of the accommodation before completing the booking.

Regardless of the accommodation’s cancellation or change policy, Riyadh Luxury retains certain cancellation charges if cancelled on the day of the reservation, as indicated on the website. Please ensure to review the details of the terms and conditions specific to the accommodation before making a booking.

If you wish to review, modify, or cancel your reservation, please refer to the electronic booking confirmation message and follow the instructions provided, or contact the Riyadh Luxury customer service team.

Riyadh Luxury makes every effort to ensure the availability and uninterrupted operation of the website and application, along with all associated services. However, it cannot guarantee continuous or uninterrupted operation.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability:
Riyadh Luxury makes no warranties, whether expressed or implied, regarding the content of Riyadh Luxury’s website and reserves the right to disclaim all warranties to the extent permitted by applicable law. Your access and use of the software and other materials, or through Riyadh Luxury’s website, are at your own personal responsibility. Riyadh Luxury does not make any warranties regarding the accuracy or virus-free nature of such software.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances shall Riyadh Luxury, its licensed entities, suppliers, or service providers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, lost savings, or revenue, or loss or damage to data or information) arising out of any means of communication by using or inability to use Riyadh Luxury’s website, whether based on breach of contract, tort, negligence, product liability, or otherwise, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages. This includes any information, products, or services obtained or through any communication on Riyadh Luxury’s website.

Acceptable Use Policy

When using Riyadhluxury website, you declare and agree to:

  • Use it only to determine the availability of services and products on the website and to assist you in making legitimate reservations or conducting business with us. You agree to use Riyadhluxury website solely for personal and non-commercial use.
  • Use website services only for legitimate bookings.
  • Be at least 18 years old and have the legal right to create a binding legal obligation.
  • Inform all other individuals for whom you make a reservation of the terms and conditions applicable to the booking, including all rules and restrictions.
  • Not to make any fake, speculative, or fraudulent booking. Riyadhluxury website may cancel, without prior notice, all reservations to one or multiple parties on the same date.
  • Not to alter or change the front-end appearance of the website or the underlying programming.
  • Not to take any action that may cause undue or disproportionate pressure on Riyadhluxury website or its infrastructure.
  • It is your personal responsibility to comply with all of our terms and conditions, which include, but are not limited to, timely and full payment of all amounts due, compliance with all rules related to availability of prices, products, or services, and all fees.
  • Do not do anything that may cause harm, conflict with, or disrupt access to or availability of content on the site, do not download any files containing computer viruses or other codes or programs designed to intercept, destroy, or limit the function of the RiyadhLuxury site.
  • Do not publish, distribute, or upload any defamatory, offensive, violating, harmful, threatening, abusive, misleading or racist material or information, or any other illegal content or information, or send any unwanted email chains, spam, or any other form of mass communication.
  • Do not threaten, harass, abuse, disrupt, or violate the rights of others, including their individual rights.
  • Attempting to access or gain unauthorized entry to the site or any account of a member present on the site, or impersonating any person or distorting membership with another person.
  • Not engaging in, causing, or allowing anything that may violate or conflict with the intellectual property rights of the site, any of our affiliated companies, or other parties.
  • Not engaging in any illegal activity that could create any liability on the part of the site (Riyadhluxury).
  • Not assaulting this agreement or any applicable legislation in any way.
  • Not uploading or attaching any files, programs, or other materials protected by intellectual property laws or any special or general rights unless the user owns the rights or receives authorization and approval to use them as required by law.
  • Not uploading or attaching any files that contain any viruses, corrupted files, or similar software or programs that may cause damage to another computer system.
  • Not removing the copyright, legal notices, or property labels in any uploaded file.
  • Not forging the origin or source of software or other materials included in the uploaded file.
  • Not advertising or offering to sell any goods or services, or conducting or sending surveys, contests, or chain messages, or uploading any file published by another user, as it is not legally allowed to promote them in these ways.
  • Not using this site (Riyadhluxury) or any of its contents for such purposes.
  • Not accessing, monitoring, or copying any content or information from this site using any robot, spider, scraper, or any other mechanical means or any manual process without express written permission.
  • Not violating the restrictions on the Riyadhluxury site or any circumvention or evasion of other measures used to prevent or restrict access to this site.
  • Not taking any action that imposes, or may impose, an unreasonable or disproportionate burden on the infrastructure of the site (Riyadhluxury).
  • It is prohibited to create a deep link to any part of this website for any purpose without our explicit written permission, and to integrate any part of this website into any other website without prior written permission.
  • It is prohibited to add, display, upload, modify, publish, transfer, update, or share the following:
    ◦ Information regarding another person that the user has no right to retain.
    ◦ Unwanted information that causes serious harm to minors, or that is racist, invades the privacy of others, or is racially offensive, or promotes money laundering or gambling.
    ◦ Information that violates any patent, trademark, copyright, or other property rights.
    ◦ Information that deceives or misleads the recipient about the origin of this message or any offensive or threatening information.
    ◦ Information that threatens the unity, safety, defense, security, or friendly relationship with foreign countries or the public order, or that incites the commission of any recognized crime, or that obstructs any investigation of any crime, or that causes insult to another state.
    ◦Information that is impersonated by another person.
  • If Riyadhluxury website finds that you have violated any of these terms and conditions and on the other hand, proves otherwise when you use the website, it reserves the right to:

    • Warn you that you have violated these terms and conditions and ask you to stop this behavior.
    • Delete any materials or content that you may have posted without notifying you.
    • Take measures (including suspending or restricting your access) and prevent you from using Riyadhluxury website.
    • Cancel any bookings you may have made without referring to you.
    • Report your activities to internet service providers or relevant authorities.
    • Take legal action against you.

Copyright and Trademarks

All content on the Riyadhluxury website is subject to copyright laws. The website is available for personal use only, and not for commercial use. You are not allowed to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products, or services obtained from the website.

The website, partner company names, and any other product or trade names related to Riyadhluxury are our trademarks or registered trademarks. Other products and company names mentioned on the Riyadhluxury website are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Indemnification and Limitation of Liability:
As a condition of using the Riyadhluxury website, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, claims, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees), and damages (whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or otherwise) arising out of any claims resulting from your use of the Riyadhluxury website, including without limitation, any claims alleging facts that, if true, would constitute a breach by you of these Terms and Conditions.

Riyadhluxury may provide notices and communications to you by email, regular mail, or through the website or any other means. Except as otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions, notices to Riyadhluxury must be sent via postal mail to our registered office located at Othman Bin Affan Road, Al Wahah District, next to New You Club, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of Riyadhluxury website or any services provided, you can contact us:
By email at riyadhluxury10@gmail.com
By phone at +966 53 796 6297
Or by using the contact form on the Riyadhluxury website.

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